Haha, Aaron Rodgers Deleted the Tweet Where He Bet His Salary on Ryan Braun’s Innocence

NOTE: Some people are claiming to still be able to see this tweet in Rodgers’ timeline. I am following both Rodgers and Sutton and still cannot see it in his timeline and have checked multiple times with multiple different tools. I was able to dig up the tweet from Sutton’s timeline attached to another Tweet of his. I’m not exactly clear at this moment whether or not the Tweet has been deleted, all I know is that I cannot find it anywhere in Rodgers’ timeline.

The first image shows the Tweet in question. The second image shows Rodgers’ timeline now, after he deleted that Tweet.

Last year when Ryan Braun went through his “other” PED drama his friend Aaron Rodgers took to Twitter to post a string of hateful Tweets after Braun’s “exoneration” Saying things like “MLB and cable sports tried to sully the reputation of an innocent man”. Rodgers responded with vitriol to the people saying that Braun only got off on a technicality saying, “All u idiots talking about technicality open up for some crow too.”

How classy is that? So I guess it’s not the fans who are the idiots, huh Aaron? And I hope they saved some crow for you and your lying, cheating friend Ryan Braun.

But that’s not even the classiest part. Rodgers was asked this question by Twitter user Todd Sutton.

Rodgers responded, “ya I’d put my salary next year on it”. Apparently, since that was the only Tweet he deleted, Rodgers doesn’t care that he called people idiots who were right all along about Braun but he does care that people will see that he’s not a man of his word.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Aaron Rodgers seems like a likable guy but if you’re going to put yourself out there and talk shit about something you obviously know nothing about then you should pay up. Be a man of your word and donate your 2013 salary to charity, I’m sure there are quite a few people who could use it more than you.

16 thoughts on “Haha, Aaron Rodgers Deleted the Tweet Where He Bet His Salary on Ryan Braun’s Innocence

  1. So…. you are using tweets that were made a year ago for a completely different PED scandal involving Braun and saying that Rodgers should give up his 2013 salary that wasn’t even signed when he made those tweets defending his friend. Hmmm… Also, that particular tweet for that particular “scandal”, in which Braun was found not guilty – albeit a technicality – was proven to be true.

    The tweets are from Feb 2012… not 2013. Though I acknowledge what Braun did is terrible, Rodgers only came to his friends defense and has been mute this year during Braun’s second PED “scandal”; taking the wait and see approach. Way to hold on to old irrelevant stuff and attempt to stir controversy where it doesn’t exist. Maybe TMZ or Access Hollywood has an opening for you!


    1. This suspension has everything to do with what went on in 2012. I know the Tweet is from last year but the point is, with Braun taking this suspension, a longer than normal suspension, and not appealing it, he is admitting that he was guilty back then as well. The suspensions coming down now are an extension of what happened to Braun in 2012 the league just has a ton more evidence now. So it’s not like it’s two completely different situations. I think most people get the concept that this suspension is an admission that he wasn’t clean then either.


    2. The key here, is that

      A) It is highly unlikely, that Ryan Braun STARTED his use of Performance Enhancing Substance AFTER he was found not guilty, on what you even admit was a technicality. So, it would indicate that Aaron Rodgers came to the defense of guilty man.

      B) He deleted the post, which is yet another indication that he realized his defense of Ryan Braun was ill-placed.


  2. OK for all of the people saying it’s there and I somehow missed it, take a screencap of the tweet in his timeline. I just went back and checked his timeline and still don’t see it.

    The reason why I embedded the original tweet that asked the question because if there was part that conversation it should have shown up there. When you go to Todd Sutton’s feed and find this tweet and click on “show conversation” you would see Rodgers’ reply, it’s not there.

    So unless there is some epic quirk going on on Twitter then that Tweet is gone.


        1. You wouldn’t see it when hitting “view conversation” on his original tweet, that only shows you what he was responding to. Go to his next tweet and click “view conversation.” It shows up there.


        2. I’ve checked all of my settings in Twitter and cannot find any setting that would preclude me from seeing this tweet in his timeline. I am following Aaron Rodgers and Todd Sutton. Still I can’t see the tweet in his timeline.

          I did find the tweet eventually through Sutton’s feed. Have you cleared cache and then checked if you still see the tweet in his timeline? I’m willing to write a retraction if that’s the case, I just need to figure what is causing it not to show up in his timeline for me.


        3. I didn’t clear my cache but I have never looked at Rodger’s or Sutton’s twitter feeds before reading your article. I’m not going to jump through hoops to confirm, it’s not my job to do your fact checking for you. Retract it or don’t, doesn’t effect my reputation in any way.


        4. Sorry, that was incredibly rude of me. I’m just tired, stressed, and annoyed with other things going on and took it out on you, which isn’t fair to you. Apologies.


  3. From what I understand of sports, it is not cheating until they actually charge you with cheating, but cheating is ok because they’re all cheating and it is actually the fan’s fault that the players are cheating because the fans want the players to win so desperately. The same principle applies to comments made by athletes. All comments made by athletes without first consulting legal counsel cannot be taken as fact due to an athlete’s inability to differentiate between lies and truth. If an athlete is actually convicted of cheating, they only need to make a press statement explaining the confusion they were under and apologize to their fans that they were only human and unable to resist cheating to increase their annual salary which they will need to consult with legal counsel. In reality it is the fan’s need for fair play that forces the players to seek legal counsel which leads to a need for more money, which leads to a need to cheat. As you can see the players aren’t at fault, it is their fans that causes cheating to occur. Cheaters need to stick together because journalist will only support them as long as the cheating isn’t discovered, once the cheating is discovered, the journalist always attempt to make the player seem like they were cheating the whole time. Lance Armstrong didn’t cheat his entire career, he only cheated to win and that is something we should all shoot for, like Aaron Rodgers, since he deleted his Tweet, by professional sports logic, it never really existed.


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