Lauren Green from FOX News gives the most ignorant, uninformed interview of Reza Aslan you’ll ever see

It’s hard to comprehend how stupid Laura Green comes off in this interview, this is quite possibly the worst excuse for news I’ve ever seen in my life. Her points have absolutely no foundation and it’s completely obvious that she hasn’t even read the book. I will warn you, this interview is painful to watch it’s so mind-numbingly dumb.

You know how you’ve had that job where you had to watch that absurd video on sexual harassment that shows the most obvious, overt sexual harassment? This is like that only with Islamaphobia.

Green asks Aslan

“This is an interesting book. Now I want to clarify, you’re a Muslim, so why did you write a book about the founder of Christianity?”

At this point he must have known this was going to be the longest few minutes of his life having to deal with this woman

“Well to be clear, I am a scholar of religions with four degrees — including one in the New Testament, and fluency in biblical Greek, who has been studying the origins of Christianity for two decades — who also just happens to be a Muslim. So it’s not that I’m just some Muslim writing about Jesus, I am an expert with a Ph.D in the history of religions … ”

Green interrupts him to double-down on her ignorance and says

“But it still begs the question why would you be interested in the founder of Christianity?”

Aslan answers

“Because it’s my job as an academic. I am a professor of religion, including the New Testament. That’s what I do for a living, actually.”

I hadn’t even heard of his book, The Zealot, before I saw this and his incredibly patient and well spoken responses have pretty much convinced me to buy the book.

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43 thoughts on “Lauren Green from FOX News gives the most ignorant, uninformed interview of Reza Aslan you’ll ever see

  1. Oh, good grief. Someone posted a link to the video on FB and I didn’t watch it because I figured it would be pretty bad. It’s even worse than I imagined.

    And, as if I didn’t already have enough of a crush on Reza Aslan – the fact that he managed to stay as calm as he did makes him just that much hotter.


  2. I would say that this was the most asinine spectacle of “news” reporting that I’d ever seen, but Fox “News” has perhaps a hundred equally ridiculous and shallow examples of the depth of publicized stupidity from which to choose. A sadder emblem of how idiotic the Fox “News” watcher has become would be difficult to find.


    1. You know those kids in grade school who wrote a book report when they had obviously only read the back of the book ? this is that, in interview form.
      After all who says you need to be informed on what your reporting on, you know, the freaking’ news ? Fox news certainly doesn’t !


  3. Oh my god, she is ridiculous. Clearly doesn’t have a thought in her own head. She’s talking like she has a sentence written in front of her that says ‘A dodgy muslim wrote a bias book about Jesus’ and she is just going with that no matter what information comes up. Aslan actually sounds great and really articulate and interesting. At least this horrible interview has made me aware of what i’m sure if a great book.


  4. I don’t think it hard to comprehend how dumb Laura Green comes off in this interview .. its the most obvious thing about this interview .. LOL! She didn’t even make it to the second page of the book and that was obvious.


    1. Good point. I meant it’s hard to comprehend how a “news anchor” could be this dumb.

      And that was the best part of the interview when she says he never mentions that he’s Muslim and he says it’s on the second page of his book.


  5. Wow that was incredible. I knew Fox News was bad, but wow. I was really impressed by how articulate and measured he was. That is why he makes the big bucks.


  6. How can a Muslim write a book on Islam? How can an African American interview an Iranian American without prejudice or bias? It is called “civilization.” We used to celebrate diversity. On Fox, apparently, it is considered a weakness to exploit.


  7. Lauren, that was some bad reporting/interviewing. You might want to do some prepping next time. A little bit of listening would help also. Yikes! If I am your boss, I just fired you!


    1. Her “Bosses” where obviously tried to have her pick a fight with this guy and he was not having it. Thanks FOX NEWS foe that EPIC FAIL!!!!!!


  8. If Fox were a legitimate news source this woman would be fired. They won’t fire her for her incompetence, but usually Fox’s talking heads are able to bully and badger guests into not coming off very well. Dr. Aslan totally annihilated this ridiculous woman. Fox can’t keep letting that happen.


  9. Honestly you guys don’t give her enough credit for defending the world view that Americans are ignorant and are will to fight to take that ignorance to the grave with them. Fox news isn’t that bad, give NBC and their video and audio editors a few hours so they can reshape the interview to show that Aslan the cowardly lion was actually attacking the innocent Laura Green, but she courageous stepped up to prove that she wasn’t racist or ignorant.


  10. Wow! Just wow! How can this woman still have a job? According to Ms. Green if you’re a Muslim than you obviously cannot be an academic who has any credibility in the Western World. She comes off as the most ill-informed and biased interviewer I have ever seen. And how he kept his cool in the face of such utter ignorance is awe inspiring. I don’t agree with many of his conclusions in his work; but, I was totally pulling for this incredible thinker of our time during this most painful interview.


  11. He could have elaborated more on why he personally finds the subject material interesting instead of repeating a million times how many degrees he has. The woman was asking stupid questions but it’s Fox News haha. Agreeing to do an interview there is obviously not going to result in anything productive but he could have talked more about the book and why he finds the subject fascinating and less banging his head against the wall about how scholarly he is. And even if he isn’t…it’s possible to be a scholar and still be biased.


      1. Scholars choose their specializations. No one tells them “you have to write a book on such and such a topic.” It’s interesting to know why they find their particular subject matter interesting because he could have written a book on any of the other religions he’s studied, too. And even though she asks stupidly and more than likely wasn’t thinking any deeper than that..her question sheds light on an interesting topic, is it really possible to be completely objective as a scholar, even if it is “their job”? I would rather have heard him make something “scholarly” out of her crap instead of repeating the same thing over and over.


        1. Lauren, dear! Read the damned book next time! You sounded so stupid, girl! And just hammered away at the same old point over and over and over and over………you’re just right for FOX, though! Keep up the bad work!


        2. Dr. Aslan has written a few books:

          He was prepared to talk about the content of the book and did so when she asked him questions about it. But she picks a letter to the editor critical of him by someone who seems to have no qualifications and the scholarly criticism she does discuss with him is so non-specific, that he answered it in one of the few ways he could have given the time limit of the show, by discussing the depth and breadth of his research and sources. The rest of the time he was forced to explain to her that his motives in writing the book were scholarly, not sinister, and that as a biblical scholar and scholar of world religions, he simply had the right to write the book in the first place. She was oblivious to his comments and kept hammering away with an agenda to discredit him. He did a great job of dismantling her and exposing that agenda.


    1. Heide, mostly agree with you, except your “HaHa.” I can give you million haha’s about MSNBC and their stupidity and bias. The interview in discussion has nothing to do with Fox News or their agendas. It is about an unfortunate discussion of two people who are not listening to each other. A scholar would explain in more detail why he is not biased in writing a book about an origin of a religion that is in contradiction with his own religious believes.


  12. Most of your comments are as bad as the interview itself. Lauren Green is mostly a very thoughtful and good interviewer. I would agree that this is not the best one. But on the other hand Resa comes through as someone whose best qualification for writing a book is the fact that he has a Ph.D. in the history of religion. So what? Too many Ph.D.’s with agendas these days. He comes across not as a thoughtful scholar but as more concerned that his PhD may not be accepted as a qualification for writing a book. Sometimes, writing about origins of a religion it is better not to be religiously biased which he might or might not. There are great books on origins of Christianity that are written by Christian theologists and are factual and honest without a bias. I have not read the book but after listening Resa’s futile attempts to “defend” himself the book becomes of no interest at all.

    Most of you are too harsh on Lauren. She is a great person, well educated and very knowledgeable about her subjects. Again, this is not her best interview but she was interviewing a pinhead who was repeating continuously himself to oblivion with his PhD thing. Lauren obviously tried to find our from Resa if a Muslim can write an honest book about Jesus. The book maybe not biased at all, I do not know that unless I read it. But trying to explain that it is not biased since he has a PhD is quite stupid sounding to me.

    Additional comment – all of you commenting here are biased against Fox News. The way your comments go, you never watched Fox and just know about it from comments of people like Colbert or Stewart who are for sure not scholars and not PhD’s. Good luck with your ignorance!


    1. Leonid K – You say to many here that “you never watched Fox”. Um…WHAT?!

      We just watched Fox News right here! That link above IS from Fox News. What about this “evidence” and “reality” do you fail to comprehend? Why am I bothering to reason with you? You watch Fox News. Enough said. Still, I will try.

      Despite how you blatantly ignored a fact that is *literally* in front of your face, the readers here HAVE watched Fox News. Further, if you think this is the ONLY time they have, you are making an extreme claim that should be substantiated, not pulled out of your hole. This website is not Fox News, so the readers here actually expect substantiation. Sorry if that’s not something you’re accustomed to on Fox.

      As for Ms Green, if you think she does such great interviewing with people whom are not the Fox list of favorite people, just post some links. Convincing evidence is always helpful to a cause, even yours. That’s the whole point of the link above – evidence of unbelievably gross bias by Ms Green. So, just provide evidence that Ms Green can conduct interviews well with people who are not the Fox list of like-minded people. Then we’ll believe that Ms Green is only a part-time shill, not full time. The more links you paste, the smaller that “part-time” shill becomes and eventually, with enough links, you’ll convince people that this was an aberration. Until then, the evidence here is that 100% of the time she is grossly uninformed and makes up biased nonsense in order to attack people. Of course, that’s a familiar refrain on Fox, so this video was not so surprising.

      Making up false accusations (even ridiculous ones) is a refrain on Fox that is exhausting for viewers to tolerate. Many have of us have seen countless videos from Fox (Fox and Friends, Hannity, etc.). We are so tired of their repeated use of made-up issues we want to vomit. If you can’t see how Ms Green repeated that Fox technique *again* (saying Resa has not admitted to being a Muslim), you are blind. If you can see it, then mark it down. And mark each time you see such nonsense on Fox. If you do, you will eventually lose count how often this happens. That problem in particular is why people are so disgusted with “Faux News”.


      1. In Leonid’s defense I have to watch Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, the major networks, C-Span and yes even Current so I can speak to college students about contemporary American politics. While Fox does lean to the right it is not comperable to how far to the left every other network goes. Recent studies show Fox’s reporting is 63% factual with 37% opinion while MSNBC was 15% factual and 85 % opinion. I know we’re veering off the original topic of a poor interview on Fox but on the whole Fox is a more credible, reliable source of news.


    2. Watch the interview again. Each time he starts talking about why he wrote the book or gets into detail about what he has written, she interrupts him and goes back to questioning his motives on writing the book at all. When he says that Jesus launched the greatest religion in the world, she offhandedly says “ya” and then goes into a chat question that she wanted to “get in before the interview ends”. She was not listening at all, she was most likely reading a twitter feed or something similar.

      No maybe that is what her job is. Maybe she is supposed to get x number of view questions answered, but don’t say that he is too concerned about his qualifications when she is constantly questioning his motives and qualifications.

      I have not read his book, but just from this interview I will tell you that I am more interested in reading his book than watching anymore of her interviews.


    3. Is that really you, Lauren?

      Next time you have an interview with an academic, please don’t just blindly read barely-troll-worthy quotes from pseudo academics, but rather, use your brain and engage in a proper dialogue. Thanks.


  13. Hw says he thinks she might not have read his book? She probably has never read a single book in HER LIFE … What a NUMB SKULL … I am surprised she can even read ….Cant believe this idiot is allowed on TV … MIND BLOWN


  14. Just absolutely the most ridiculous, uninformed, biased interview I’ve seen in a long time! … it’s like she was trying to pick a fight.


  15. sad,painful..obviously a is so hard to see what used to be called news simply is not anymore. most of what you hear from fox esp it seems is editorials that are unfortunately racist,sexist,homophibic and lacking in facts of any kind. what happened??? the law on broadcasting was changed by a reagan lobbist in 1987. because the idea of free speach i believe was bastardized, someone can go onto the airwaves and lie to his/her hearts content. it use to be that on political issues bradcasters had to give equal time,and factual with editorials after as the opinion of the journalist..boy have things changed. prob is that people believe what they hear,think it is truth..that is not just dangerous,but lazy.


  16. Lauren Green must have the I.Q. of a sloth taking a WAIS on Valium. Hopefully she’s so humiliated that she’ll disappear forever so no one else is subjected to her ignorance and self- righteousness. Sickening.


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