This Chatroulette stunt may have taken over the number one spot of awesome things to do on Chatroulette (besides show your dick obvs). Don’t get me wrong, the former reigning champ of awesome things to do on Chatroulette had a good run, especially if you’re a big fan of that Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” song.

These guys got together and created a live action first-person shooter game in their garden, logged onto Chatroulette and waited for an unsuspecting match to tell them what to do. The amount of work these guys put into this stunt is just ridiculous…and epic.

There’s an equally cool behind the scenes video they made which you can watch here.


The Norse Attack Map tracks live cyber attacks around the world and maps them in real time. It doesn’t track honeypot or government targets but it still gives you a good idea of the sheer amount of tomfoolery is going on at any given moment.

It looks like Saudi Arabia and Dubai are getting hammered right now.

Reddit user Lostinservice is giving away two pairs of Cyclones tickets to someone who is willing to another big hearted person who is willing to pay it forward by donating blood in the near future.

I have 4 Brooklyn Cyclones general admission tickets I’m giving away. That’s a pair for 2 games. They will be given only in pairs.

2 x Cyclones vs Lowell @ MCU Park – Aug 20th at 7pm
2 x Cyclones vs SI Yankees @ MCU Park – Sept 6th at 1pm

Either are free to you on the condition that you promise to donate blood sometime in the near future. I won’t be checking, this is strictly honor system. If you provide proof you’ve recently donated, in the last 2 weeks, you’ll have preference. Tickets will be left at the will-call window with your name and info so you’ll have to bring ID.

Blood donations save lives everyday so you should be doing them regardless of any incentive but it can’t hurt. Maybe you could even wear one of those really cool “I donated blood” t-shirt they give you to the game.

I’m not sure why but this is blowing my mind that someone could fashion a working V6 model engine by folding up some paper. It seems like it would take an immense amount of patience and steady hands. What I would really love to see is a video of the engine being built.

What’s a guy supposed to do? He takes off work early but make sure his secretary thinks he’s been summoned to lunch by a client, you know, in case the wife calls. He goes out of his way to drive to what appears to be one of the most remote hooker spots in the world and just as he’s pulling up to close the deal…BAM…Google Maps car drives by and busts him.

Does anyone know where this is? Judging by the text in the top left corner of the sixth picture it’s somewhere in Spain but does anyone know where exactly in Spain this might be? You know…for science.