Korean News Station Pokes Fun at KTVU with Fake American Pilot Names After Southwest Airlines Landing Gear Failure


You probably remember KTVU’s royal eff up with reading obviously fake Asian names for the pilots of the Asiana crash. Names like “Wi To Lo” and “Ho Lee Fuk”.

It looks like a Korean news agency is having some fun at KTVU’s expense. After the landing gear failure of the Southwest flight at LGA they showed this graphic with American pilot names “Captain Kent Parker Wright”, “Co-Captain Wyatt Wooden Workman”.

They even went as far as making up fake names for people to interview. Flight instructor “Heywood U. Flye-Moore” and skeptical passenger “Macy Lawyers”.

Well played Korean TV, well played.

442 thoughts on “Korean News Station Pokes Fun at KTVU with Fake American Pilot Names After Southwest Airlines Landing Gear Failure

  1. This is not a real news channel….
    On the bottom right corner, the name of the news channel is labeled as “Haha News”
    Literally, the sound you make when you laugh :P
    This is a comedy/parody genre type of fake news, meant for laughs.
    Ha. Ha.


  2. Good on them. What goes around comes around, though I feel like most Americans wouldn’t give two shits about the Korean version of the joke, given that libel and slander are very uncommon cases in America and perhaps the MOST common in Korea. Regardless, whoever it was who thought it would be funny to include the fake Konglish names in the first place not only has a very poor grasp of the fact that Koreans speak Korean as their native tongues, not Chinese, but they also knew damn well what they were doing. I suspect that they would not have given a fake name like Fried Chicken Dekambwe to the pilot of a crashed African airliner for fear of African-American backlash; what made them think that it was okay to poke fun at Asians? I look forward to the day when THIS is not the sad truth that Asian people face:



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