This despicable woman takes laziness to a whole new level, sits on top of a handicap girl

Despicable woman sits on girl in wheelchair

Reddit user spaghetticonfetti posted this photo earlier with the title, “is this seat taken?”

It seems that the default logic is to think that this woman is the girl’s mother. I don’t think so, I am thinking that it’s an even more awful scenario and this woman is a caregiver to the girl. A couple things led me to that conclusion. First, the way they’re dressed. The girl in the wheelchair seems to have nice clothes on and to be well kept. The fatass sitting on her? Not so much.

Secondly, I just don’t think that a mother, who has raised and taken care of this girl for so long, would actually do that. Of course, I could be wrong, but I would love it if someone saw this and could identify the woman and who would know for sure whether or not she is the mother or a caregiver. If this is a caregiver I hope that this girls parents see this photo and fire her ass and then make sure she never works as one again.

What do you think about the woman using her to take a load off while she chats on the phone? Is anyone ok with this?

22 thoughts on “This despicable woman takes laziness to a whole new level, sits on top of a handicap girl

    1. I’m not a fan of confrontation but I like to think that I would too. It’s not that I never speak up but I choose my battles. I think this would have been one of the times where I couldn’t hold my tongue.


    2. This is disgusting!!!!! I will bet you that she is not a family member but a caregiver paid to assure the welfare of this poor girl. I work with this population of people and they have the highest potential abuse risk. This is abuse!! and should be reported to the Department of Developmental Disabilities.


      1. As I said in the post, I think you’re right about it being a caregiver. That’s why we’re trying to find it who this is to inform the parents of this girl and this woman’s agency if she has one. Share this post this on Facebook and let’s see what we can do.


  1. Definitely not okay. I would go to the person and state, “Ma’am, I don’t think that is comfortable for this young lady to support you on her lap. Her bones aren’t that strong to tolerate your weight”. Confrontation would be on the young girl’s side. Calling a LEO or CPS would be appropriate in this case.


  2. This “disgusting fatass” is, in fact, the girl’s mother. I should know because it is my mother and sister. I can assure you that my sister is OK and that my mother, a mother of five children who she cherishes above her own life, is not harming her. We all sit on my sister’s lap–she often asks us to. She likes us to sit there and then she can put her arms around us and hug us (as best she can). We do not sit ON her, there is a part of her wheelchair that sticks up between her legs that you can put your weight on. At 160 lbs (which is more than my “fatass” mother, thank you) I can do this and not cause any harm. My sister cannot walk, but she is “all there” mentally and can talk, scream, yell and hit if she wants to. If my sister were in any pain, or if she did not want my mother there, my mother would not be there. End of story.

    I have been trying to track down the source of this image. If the person who snapped this picture really thought that my sister was in danger, why didn’t you say something? If you were afraid of confrontation, why not alert an authority figure? No, instead this person took a picture, out of context, and placed it on the internet so that hundreds of people could call my mother and “abusive fatass” or a “fat fucking piece of shit.” Instead this person wanted to get some good “karma” on reddit or wanted to get some “upvotes.” They were not concerned for my sister’s welfare–they were concerned with spreading malicious lies about my family. This image has caused me, her eldest son, so much heartache. My mother has spent the last 30 years sacrificing her life and her health for my sister. We have all sacrificed much for my sister and this absolutely disgusts me. I understand that the image looks horrible, I will agree to that, but what is more horrible is having to read hundreds of horrific and derisive comments about your mother who cannot defend herself.


  3. As a follow up, I will say this: Although what I really want to do right now is to scream expletives at every person who made a derogatory comment about my mother, I know, or at least I hope and believe, that you all (or most of you) have my sister’s best interest at heart. This picture is misleading and you do not know the background of our family, the extent to which my sister is disabled, or the unconditional and undying love that we all have for my “little sister.”

    I appreciate that you are trying to help her. In fact, I THANK YOU for being concerned citizens! However, in the future, remember that your comments may be about someone’s mother, and think about how you would feel/react if those same comments were directed at YOUR mother (and/or family). Your, and other’s, comments have literally brought a 31-year-old man to tears, and this experience will remain with me until the day that I die. It feels like a nightmare. What is it about the anonymity of the internet that turns otherwise kind and polite people into angry, hate-spewing monsters?

    No, my mother may not have nice clothes and may not look as “well kept” as my sister, but this is a testament to how little my mother cares about her own appearance and how much she cares for my sister. Her children have always and will always come first, and if it means that my mother wears a paper bag while we walk around in designer clothes, then that’s all she cares about. Our health and happiness come first. She may look like a “fatass,” but after 5 children and 50+ years of life, how many women would look like supermodels? Do you think she gets to the gym often, between a full-time job, cooking for a family of seven and caring for a disabled daughter? I constantly tell her that she needs to take better care of herself, because I want her to live forever, but years of putting her own health last have taken their toll.

    As I mentioned previously, she is not ON my sister, but on parts of the wheelchair, and my sister actually enjoys us “sitting” on her lap. Furthermore, my mother suffers from chronic back pain, due to 30 years of lifting and working with my sister; she may be small, but that is a lot of “dead weight” to deal with. In fact, my brothers, father and I often take her to the bathroom because my mother can no longer lift and carry her. How many of you take your adult sibling/daughter to the bathroom? Keep in mind she is an adult woman who, despite being disabled, still has monthly cycles. Any of you ever deal with that? I have, and it doesn’t bother me one bit; I would do anything for my sister. We all would. Finally, for the record, my mother also has a heart condition (for which she will someday require open heart surgery) that causes her to become fatigued very easily and sometimes without warning. So trust me when I say that she is sitting out of pure exhaustion and is not “taking laziness to a whole new level.”

    Does this look like an abusive relationship to you?


    1. I’m genuinely sorry, I was the one to comment “fat fucking fuck” or something of that nature. Please don’t listen to what I’ve said, I’ve since deleted the comment.

      Again, I don’t know what got in to me. I’m sorry.


  4. Thank you, James! I have a lot more work to do in order to “clear” my mother’s good name. Thankfully, she does not use the internet for anything other than email and is completely unaware that this image and commentary exists (though I think I need to tell her, given how much it has spread from reddit). Should she find out, I think her heart would break. She could shrug off rude comments about her weight and appearance, but the suggestion that she is an unfit and abusive parent would destroy her soul. This thought is what makes me cry.

    I DO appreciate the concern that you, and others, have/had for my sister and it is nice to know that there are many, many people out there willing to stand up for the disabled. Sadly, there is so much abuse and neglect found in this community. I am just happy that my sister leads a happy and healthy life, and has the support of hundreds (maybe thousands) of good, conscientious people like yourself.


  5. How could anyone possibly know or even think it was her mother sitting on her? You have to look at this as an outsider. What was anyone to think? No assumptions were made as the picture speaks for itself. How is the general public to know a. This is the mother b. The handicapped woman invited or allegedly enjoys when family members sit on her lap or apparatus as the case may be. What people do in their own space with familiar people around and what they do in public should be two different things. I don’t believe the OP owes an apology to anyone he thought he witnessed an injustice and rightly so.


    1. I think the fact that the OP apologized speaks very highly of his character. He might not have owed anyone an apology, but he recognized that an entire family was affected, probably felt bad for them, and showed how “big” of a man he is by apologizing. Furthermore, I think by making this public apology he has helped greatly to improve the negative image and thoughts that this picture has generated. No, as an outsider no one could know that this is the woman’s mother. However, that does not make the hurt that this family has felt any less great. I agree with “J” that the person who took the picture should have said something. If that person had approached the situation, rather than taking a picture to post on the internet (probably NOT for a good cause, but because they wanted to put something on a social media site) then the picture wouldn’t be here and the family would not be hurt. If the picture taker had really been concerned for the welfare of the disabled woman, they should have said something, rather than just creating an internet frenzy. And should the family really be chastised for behaving as they normally would? We don’t where this picture was taken and how public or private the environment really was. Privacy, unfortunately, no longer exists, what with camera phones and social media. This is just one example of the thousands of people who are hurt, ridiculed and mocked daily, because some other malicious person took a picture without their consent. I agree, too, that the internet and anonymity somehow makes it OK for people to say horrible things that they would never say to someone’s face. Do we all need to be on the look-out for secret snapshots? What if this happened to you? It can happen to anyone! We are all at risk of being victims! This is how people entertain themselves these days, and it makes me sick. There is not empathy. There is no pathos. There are only upvotes on reddit and liked statuses on facebook. If I were the son and this family, I would be pissed off, too. The OP, here, had good intentions and I think “J” made proper note of that. I don’t know if I could have handled myself as eloquently and rationally as “J” did. I think there are two sides to this story, both of which are right. The OP had very good intentions, and “J” and his family should not have to deal with this slander/defamation of character. This picture should never have made it to the internet. I blame the picture taker who, if they were concerned, should have done something a little more appropriate than start a bunch of internet hype.


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