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OS X Mavericks browser rankings; Safari first, Firefox second and Chrome third

All of the browsers used are the latest, most current versions

Using the Browsermark site to test each of the big three browsers and how they perform with Apple’s new release of Mavericks that claims to boost performance by shifting RAM on the fly I ran two tests on each browser under the same conditions.

Both of the Safari tests performed at the top 100% of all browsers tested, which really isn’t that surprising. What was a bit surprising was that Firefox outperformed Chrome in two head to head tests by quite a few percentage points.

The last few iterations of Firefox has really managed to streamline a strip down a lot of its bulk that started plaguing it early fairly early on and making it feel and run sluggish. These test show that it handles all of the tests better than Chrome which is usually thought of as the “lightweight” fast browser of choice.

What is tested?

Currently we have five test groups:

CSS group: measures your browsers 2D and 3D performance, and finally executes CSS Crunch test

DOM group: measures variety of areas, like how well your browser traverse in Document Object Model Tree or how fast your browser can create dynamic content

General group: measures areas like resize and page load times

Graphics group: tests browsers Graphics Processing Unit power by measuring WebGL and Canvas performance

Javascript group: executes number crunching by doing selected Array and String operations

Additionally Browsermark will test your browsers conformance, too. Conformance results tells how well browser did on CSS3 and in HTML5 support tests. Also browsers Flash and Silverlight support are tested here.

I’ve been a longtime user of Chrome but since Mavericks’ release Ive been giving Safari a shot and have to say I can definitely feel the difference. Safari is definitely snappier after the upgrade. There are still some UI choices of Safari that drive me nuts but I suppose the more I use it the more used to it I’ll get.

Has anyone else using Mavericks either noticed a difference in your browser or choice or even gone ahead and made a switch?

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LIES!!!!! Firefox is best!!!!!!

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Ever since I started using Mavericks OS X I’ve been having a troubling issue. Everytime I try to upload or download a picture the save/upload window closes itself. After this happens two or three times Firefox crashes.

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I like multiple profiles. Chrome makes this easiest. However, Chrome is a terrible memory hog. Firefox also supports multiple profiles (via profile switch extension) and uses much less RAM, so I’m going back to Firefox for a while to trial it. Safari doesn’t do multiple profiles so it’s out.

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i was chrome addicted since windows 7, mac os 10.7. But now im in mavericks i switched to safari, is much more smooth.

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The biggest shortcoming of Firefox for me is it doesn’t have an iOS version.

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I still prefer Chrome. I tried Safari under Mavericks on my new MacBook Pro (purchased brand new less than 1 month ago) for my normal uses (Yahoo mail, Gmail, on-the-fly language translation to and from musician and cultural web forums overseas) and I found that Safari bogged down and positively stalled when compared to Chrome. Chrome has a language translation extension but Chrome still outperformed Safari for my uses.

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